Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Plot Thins

Yesterday, I wondered whether Cleopatra Sandy was meant to be Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, or even possibly Cher. Well, now I’m down to only two possibilities, because I know it couldn’t have been Cher. Sandy played Cher on today’s episode, and you know Sandy wouldn’t be caught dead playing the same celebrity twice.

I have to say that I think Sandy looks totally hot here. Someone did a really good job on her makeup, and the black hair looks great on her. She should definitely keep that hair. And her Cher wasn’t bad, either. Nice job, Sandy.


LillarsB said...

How come it always happens that people you have a lot in common with don't live next door. I love your blogspot, and I don't do this frequently. I just came across it. We definitely see eye to eye with the ina vs. crazy tablelady. I'm an interior designer, so obviously I'm not into scarysandy. Have a nice day.

LillarsB said...


LillarsB said...

oops i didn't mean to say hi that second time.