Sunday, November 18, 2007

There Is a Secret to Juicier Turkey...

And it’s called brining.

I suppose I should admit that I haven’t actually tried this yet. But logically, it just makes sense. I’ve always been confused by basting. I mean, sure, basting can do great things for the skin, but what about the meat? Plus, all that opening of the oven door just increases cooking time, which can result in a dry bird.

That’s why I love Alton Brown’s brining technique. I’ve seen him do two variations, the original brine and the honey brine, and Alton promises that either one will keep your turkey moist right through the leftovers.

Brining basically involves soaking the turkey in a salt water solution, with flavorings, for 6 to 12 hours. I guess you could consider the added prep time a drawback, but personally I think it would be worth it for the better bird that Alton promises. The brining solution penetrates the meat, not just the skin, and that results in a juicier turkey.

Or so I’ve heard. If it doesn’t work, blame it on Alton.

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